Sunday, December 04, 2005

How do you 'adopt' a frozen egg? - The Boston Globe

How do you 'adopt' a frozen egg? - The Boston Globe: "How do you 'adopt' a frozen egg?

When I first saw this article in my news links, I assumed it was an Onion joke article - but it's not! It is from the Boston Globe.

By Susan L. Crockin | December 4, 2005

This past May, to protest a bill on embryonic stem cell research, President Bush surrounded himself with 21 babies, each of whom had been born to parents through the donation of a frozen embryo. Declaring that there is ''no such thing as a spare embryo,' President Bush suggested that surplus embryos should be ''adopted' and used to produce children, not stem cell research.

To further this agenda, the Republican-led Congress has given almost $3 million in grants to promote embryo ''adoption,' funneling much of it into the ''Snowflake embryo adoption program' sponsored by Nightlight Christian Adoptions." ...

And there's more to this article. Don't miss the rest of it. Don't you love what they are doing with our Tax Dollars, both at home and abroad!?


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